22-11-2017 02:55:08
Mahnı sözləri

Slipknot - Some Feel Mahnı sözləri

Some feel I don t exist
Never believing what they see
Some feel that I am not fair
I leave no time for repentance

Tearing the veil, Mending the veil
Tearing the veil

Some feel I bare the mark of man
A misguided philosophy
Some feel I kill for fun
I kill for life!

I can t escape what Gaia s left for me&No less
I can t deny the lack of morality&No More
Need time to think need time to think
Need to spill blood so I can drink
Take what they give take what the give
Some feel I m dead yet I still live

They don t know I m immortal
They don t know they re just cattle
They don t know I m eternal

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