18-10-2017 04:14:37
Mahnı sözləri

Tea Party - Chimera Mahnı sözləri

you say it s all about intention
a chimera in disguise
its about your life, the greed
the loneliness it needs now
just to say you;ve claimed the prize
of letting go...

you say you re all about your virtue
but it s a harlequin of shame
you look around confused by the sound
of intention gone aground now
because it s all about the fame

and now you re letting go
but it s a little late
there s little time to show

so tell me now...
would you do it all again...
could you do it all again...

you say it s all about
forgiveness now...
well you can grovel if you d like
but turn around,
do you hear that sound
that s integrity gone aground now
in the name of sacrifice
Oxunub: 32 defe