22-11-2017 02:40:35
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Christy Carlson Romano - Could It Be Mahnı sözləri

I know we ve been friends forever
Bur now I think I m feeling something totally nwe
And after all this time
I ve opened up my eyes Now I see
You were always with me

Could it be you and I never imagined
Could it be suddenly I m falling for you
Could it be you were right here beside me
And I never knew
Could it be that it s true that it s you
That it s you

It s kind a funny you were always near
But who would ever thought
That we would end up here
And everytime I needed you
You ve been there for me through
Now it s clear
I ve been waiting for you

oooh it s you

Cause today is the start of the rest our lives
I can see it in your eyes
Oh that it s real and it s true
And it s just me and you
Could it be
That it s true
That it s you

Ooooh that it s you...
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