18-10-2017 20:36:22
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C.w. Mccall - The Cowboy Mahnı sözləri

The cowboy will never get married to you, girl
It s the fightin that he just can t bear
But when there s women and whisky and beer-drinkin brawls
The cowboy will always be there

He ll sing you sad songs, girl, cause that s all he knows
And soon you ll be listenin to
Solutions to problems you don t even have
As he unloads his wisdoms on you

He ll have you believin he s one-of-a-kind
And that his kind knows what livin s for
He s a dreamer by nature, a liar, and soon
He ll have you believin he s more

He ll say he s a loner, to cover the truth
Some sympathy might see him through
Just a hand on his shoulder and a bottle of that booze
Then all he ll be needin is you

He ll drink all your whisky, to clear out his head
Of the drinkin he s already known
And with a little persuasion, he ll lie in your bed
And when you wake up, you re alone

Now you re feelin sorry, and the cowboy is gone
He just a-has ta be a-movin along
But honey when you get lonesome, turn your radio on
And the cowboy will sing you a song
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