22-10-2017 21:17:29
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Under Eden - Curse Made Flesh Mahnı sözləri

Ascension into power,
Eternal souls in trade,
Political corruption
Of the ethnic-cleansing game.
Domination s madness,
Insanity the prize.
Power-hungry ego trap,
Destruction in disguise.

No stopping this destruction;
One world without end?
Forgotten price of power,
A world left for dead.

Disruption of the system
A poison they inject
Spreading like a toxin
Through our environment.
Devastation formula
From a military mind.
A tainted way of thinking,
Assisted suicide.

Vengeance of the victims,
A war to end all wars
And human devolution
Til all that s left is scars.
Injustice and oppression,
Lies that they protect
And warp to make a world
With no more innocence.

Rejection of the morals
And sanctity of life.
Dissected laws of nature
And progress is the knife.
Compromise the many
For the profit of the few.
Survival of the fittest,
A twisted point of view.
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