18-10-2017 04:10:44
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Under The Weather - Sun Salute Mahnı sözləri

So I have come here
to eat the worries from your heart
and if you re prepared
I ll rip your troubles all apart
I know your getting sleepy
you look so peaceful in your bed
I know you ll soon forgive me
You are so pretty when you re dead

I think you re lying to be
Baby I think you re going crazy
(Hey little girl keep your drama in your little world)

Dig up my corpse
from underneath the fear and hate
I keep locked up inside my sick and twisted brain
I spend my day
Always off with something to prove
and what I gain is greater than what you lose

I can t believe
I can t believe a word you say
I can t believe
I think you re lying to me

Sun Salute
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