18-10-2017 20:30:57
Mahnı sözləri

Kathleen Edwards - Buffalo Mahnı sözləri

The summer months left me alone
But the fall rolled in on the back of a storm
In the night you and I drove
Have you ever seen lightning and snow?

All these weeks without a note
It s like a ticking clock
Every time that you phone
I ve run aground truth be told
And when it comes to me
I ll let you know

Don t be like that

Just my luck an Irish rose
In a drinking hole
I d played a thousand one shows
What you need is to just go home
And when it comes to you
Don t leave it alone

Don t be like that

Up ahead the roads were closed
And the Gennys ran most of Buffalo
The customs man at border control
Said yes you can go
But you won t make it home

Don t be like that
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