17-10-2017 09:57:56
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Justice - Future Oppressions Mahnı sözləri

My life is changing so fast, I can t explain
I know what it s all about, nothing seems the same
A look at my past life, than drying all my tears
Passing the gate, this is the hour of our fears

Waiting my whole life, why should I take care
No one is waiting, do I have to be there ?
Leaders of our time, just standing behind
Fighting a war, I can t ignore

Future oppressions

Forgotten, displaced, designed from a thought
Now my last hope, I m praying to god
What is behind this imaginary wall ?
What is behind it ? I don t know at all

Future oppressions becoming more clear
This is a warning, so you must take heed
Watching and waiting, how deep I descend
Is there deliverance in the end?
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